Meet Molly "Pitcher."  As brave as the historical figure she is named after, Molly is a beautiful black and tan shepherd.  She enjoys her meal time and is always ready to play with the kids on the farm.  She hails from some of the oldest working lines in the USA.



Meet our Liberty Belle!  As lovely and sweet as her name, she is a beautiful sable shepherd with a heart ready to love and serve. She is socialized around many dogs, cats, and has even been known to befriend a goat or two.  As all our shepherds, she comes from a long line of working shepherd.



Meet our Midnight.  He is solid black Shepherd, full of life and energy.  He is sure to make a solid working companion for his master.  Memphis enjoys his days working around the farm. A shepherd of some of the oldest working blood lines in the US, he has been socialized around many children, dogs, goats, and even horses.



Meet Scarlet.  She is a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback with a heart of pure gold.  She has been the personal companion of our daughter and has proven her faithful spirit through and through.  She is house broken, crate trained, and is familiar with basic obedience commands.  



Meet our Oreo, "The Combat Cookie."  Everyone who meets Oreo can't help but fall in love.  He has been our resident mascot and is now ready for his new family home.  He has been socialized around many children, dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, and chickens.  He is housebroken, has basic command knowledge, and has even been featured in many of our videos running the obstacle course.  Oreo like to remind the big dogs that little dogs can do *big* things too!



Meet Gabriel.  He a black and tan shepherd and is the brother to my son's service K9 for seizure assistance.  His genetics and thoughtful ways are second to none.  Gabriel spent some good time in California in efforts with one of our top trainers to help with security ventures on the working farms.  Now, he is ready for a home of his own.  


What my clients are saying about their Fortress K9 experience

Paxton & Faith from Alaska

I love that our Fortress K9 can be trusted to protect us if needed and also trusted to be gentle enough to play with my rowdy toddlers.

Fortress K9 testimony

Joe & Jeanette from Kansas

Fortress K9 has exceeded all our expectations for our little one's service dog.

fortress K9 testimony 4

David & Laura from Ohio

I can not thank you enough for the training we received with Fortress K9 at your facility as well as online training.