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"Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips." Proverbs 27:2

MT Knives Recommends

"We got our puppy and were really happy with her.  Even though she wasn't very old as we were only purchasing a puppy, she already knew some of her basic commands. They went out of their way to answer all our questions to be certain that we were happy with our dog.  They were great to work with!  We recommend them!!

Patrick and Emily Roehraman

MT Knives, LLC

The Green Beret

"I spent a year learning to train dogs as an intern.  This family is amazing and I enjoyed every second of my time.  I was able to learn all the basics along with advanced dog training skills...and from a Biblical perspective.  Fortress K9 has some of the top working dogs in the country, hands down.  I wouldn't think twice about doing it again."  

Sincerely, Nikola P.

"Di oppress Liber,"  Former Green Beret


In Education

The Answers in Genesis magazine online exclusive video for "Souped-Up Sniffers" [featuring Dunetos K9] was top notch.  Please do more like this whenever possible.

J.E., High School Science Teacher

Short & Simple

"YOU guys ROCK!"


Central Ohio

California Protector

"We were just commenting this morning that not a day goes by where your family doesn't come up in conversation.  We sure loved meeting you guys.  You have an a great family and raise amazing dogs...we are pretty sure they are the best dogs in the world.  He is good in public and we just couldn't be happier with our Hulk.  I am pretty sure we will need about 3 more, so you aren't rid of us yet.  Thanks for training such an amazing dog.  We love him. "

Julia & Luke


Free in Florida

 "Thank you so much for my service K9.  I have my life back all over again.  I am so happy to have my loyal companion at my side anywhere I go.  I couldn't have done it without you guys!"

 Mother of of four


Intern 2011-12

"Training with your company was truly a one of a kind experience for me.  The realistic training prepares every handler for any real life situation that they may find themselves in...and all with your dog.  Additionally, the discipline and character personally gained from undergoing this internship course was second to none."  

Adam, Former Intern


Local Kentucky Family

"We purchased Sam and couldn't be happier!! He is well trained and a loving, patient, family dog.  I've been in contact with Chloe, even since our purchase.  She is so very knowledgable and a sweet girl.  We are extremely happy!!"

K & M

Northern Kentucky

Florida Pleased

"What a blessing.  Not only are they a Chrisitan owned and operated business, but I couldn't believe how many ways they apply biblical truth to their training and handling.  Amazing what the dog can teach us. Thanks!"  


Brandon, Florida


From the Mountains

"God Bless You!! We finished the first leg of our flight home and Bridget was a professional.  You blessed us both.  As a Service K9, she has given me my life back.  She is so good.  I was stressed, but she indicated and then helped me calm down. Thanks to all of you and our Heavenly Father!"

Dorothy P.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Completing a New Family

"Just wanted to let you know Nala is healthy and growing so strong."  She is the dogs we have dreamed about!  Hope you enjoy the pictures."

 New couple adding a family member



Warms the Sunshine State

"Wow!  You just can't imagine what all goes in to training a stellar Fortress Dog.  The Training offered is amazing.  These guys really know their stuff.  Thanks."  


Tampa, FL