The Fortress Tactical K9 is a highly sought out for strength, endurance, and intelligence. This wartime K9 is without a doubt a highly valued assist.  More than a commodity, the dog is a true soldier at heart, with a seeming innate bond of brotherhood.   Our Tactical K9 comes complete in protection training, defensive & offensive, vehicle deployments, gunfire work, dynamic movement, team entry movement, counter-sniper movement, and active shooter training.   In addition, they are also fully trained for Hostile Tracking, Night Operations, Detection, Search and Rescue trained (non-hostile), Multiple Aggressors, Vehicle Deployments and Recalls, Target the Weaponed Hand, Radio Commands, Executive Protection, Extensive Gun Fire and Explosions (flash bangs, etc) and fully stabilized around a family for maximum protection of the public.

Always trained for real work in the real world, never play. Fortress K-9 believes a well-trained canine team is essential to deterring would-be aggressors and for assisting police departments in deterring criminal activity, in locating illegal drugs and explosives, in tracking fugitives, and with finding missing persons. These dogs will do anything you need, from riots to executive protection, to defending your family. You absolutely can not go wrong with a fully trained tactical dog. The Fortress Tactical K9 is an exclusive and as such only 1-2 of these dogs are trained each year.

We know the lives that depend on our K9s. These dogs work for the bond with the handler and are not driven by toys or food rewards. Each Fortress Tactical K9 also begins with the Foundation training, making our Tactical K9s unique…a cut above all the rest.