The Fortress Companion K9 is a paw above the rest. Built on the Fortress Foundation, they reach beyond obedience with determination and dedication. Each Companion K9 excels in both strength and temperament. We live with each of our dogs in our home and around our family. This unique approach allows our Companion dogs the ability to refine their skills in obedience, manners, and stability. They are as capable of moving from room to room with you, maneuvering to their “place” on command, as they are able to enjoy a vigorous run at your side. Exposed to car rides, dinner guests and more, your Companion K9 is an ever-faithful presence amid the trials of life. This is the perfect selection for a family Companion. The Fortress Companion K9 also enjoys some work in public forum, so the higher level stress environment is never a problem. They are quite capable and ready to move to Service K9 training level, should the need arise. We also recommend this dog for those who want a solid started dog ready for them to take to a higher level of training.


If you are one who has a true need for a fully trained Service K9, we are here to help. At Fortress K9, we not only understand the need for a Service K9, we are a family that has a child with medical needs who also benefits from the work of the dog. We daily see the life-changing benefits of our K9s with him. It is from this perspective that we build each of our Service dogs. Our Service package comes with the Foundation training, and like the Companion package is exposed to the public. However, the Fortress Service dog spends countless more hours working in and around shopping centers, grocery stores, schools, churches, and more. They go where we go. The video on this page is a good sampling of the Fortress Service K9’s training. They are also exposed to more rigorous agility work and training under stress. This better prepares them for their crucial task ahead. In addition, each of our Service K9s is put into the hands of our son, who suffers from TBI. This allows him to give his seal of approval, which he loves to critique how we have done. We observe the real-time interaction of the dog and the person in need.

We can and do tailor our training for the client. As such we take only 2-4 Service contracts a year. We also like to be very realistic with our clients. A Service K9 is not for everyone. While highly trained and skilled, a Service K9 is still a dog. A dog is not a piece of equipment like that of a wheelchair, a walker, or such.   Dogs must be fed and watered, taken to the vet, taken to go to the bathroom…dogs are work! Sometimes they will have off days, they are living creatures in a fallen world. They often require follow on training to stay sharp in certain tasks.   At Fortress K9, we are very up front with our clients as we help them evaluate their daily routine and their needs, to better determine if a Service K9 will truly enhance their life.

As standard operating procedure, all Fortress Service K9’s come with Service papers, a wallet-sized Service K9 card, a certificate of hours trained, and 90 day FREE access to our K9 Academy online. We want to ensure the best possible transition and to see that you and your new Fortress Service K9 become a solid team. This is vital to the role your K9 will assume in your life. Contact us to see how we might serve you today!