You can often hear our head trainer, Joel D. Ryals, say, “A solid protection K9 should not be a threat to the same cause it is meant to protect.” Here at Fortress K9, we take those words to heart and apply them diligently to the training of each level of protection.   A Fortress K9 trained for protection is every bit a part of our family. Our K9s live in our homes, enjoy Friday family night, go on trips with us, and are always willing to serve as a cuddle buddy to keep away the “bad guys.” The Psalms proclaims that “the Lord is my high ridge, my stronghold, my deliverer…I take shelter, my shield, the horn that saves me, and my refuge.” He is our ultimate protector and has been gracious enough to gift mankind with the keen senses and abilities in the dog. Respected for their power, fearless in duty, come experience the Fortress Difference that our Protection K9s can bring to you. While you can’t buy peace of mind…you can buy a Fortress Protection K9 and that is pretty much the same thing.


Utilizing time-tested techniques and building on our solid Foundation training, the Fortress Guardian comes ready at your side with Level One Protection skills. At this level, the Fortress Guardian K9 will give ample verbal warning to any threat on command. This means that the dog will bark and lunge toward a threat while on lead to provide a visual and emotional barrier to a potential threat. In addition, our Fortress Guardian K9 has been exposed to basic Defender Dog training (Level 2). This dog is NOT guaranteed to bite, but is intended as a show of force.  Respected for their power, fearless in duty, the Fortress Guardian K9 stands ready, willing, and able.


The Fortress Defender takes you to higher ground with a Level Two protection skill set. Along with the skills of the Fortress Guardian K9, this level is now proficient at defending you against a threat. Our Fortress Defender K9 has been taught to bite and fight! This means that the dog will deploy away from you and work off lead to fight a person, if necessary. The Defender Dog will also recall and return to you on command. The K9 at this level has also been exposed to gunfire and dynamic movement exercises. At Fortress K9, we truly believe in providing both you and your K9 with the tools needed to conquer any giant.


The Fortress Executive is the ultimate in protection for family, person, and property. This Level Three K9 includes the Foundation training, companion package, and all skill sets described in Level 1 and Level 2 training above. Now a force to be reckoned with, this level trains for home invasions, parking lot grabs, walk/run abductions, and vehicle deployments. Additionally, you can purchase additional training such as counter-kidnapping drills, multiple attackers, high end (muzzle) bite work, reverse and targeting the weapon hand, active shooter threats, multiple dog deployments, and extensive gun work. The level of obedience that a handler can command goes beyond.  The handler can execute recall so that the K9 will stop in mid-deployment to taking out an aggressor and be recalled if needed. Always taught to fight and bite, the Fortress Executive K9 is designed to meet any protection need.