In the Bible, the book of Matthew reminds us that a wise man builds his house on the rock. This critical principal is what drives us to be passionate about the foundation of a Fortress K9. The rock gives us the mental image standing with strength, endurance, fortitude, and perseverance through each and every trial. We apply this wisdom in our time-tested training for a K9 that will do the same. While our Foundational training absolutely involves learning obedience commands, house & crate training, as well as socialization skills, it really is so much more. Our dogs are integrated into every aspect of our family and working life. They are worked around children and by children, around smaller animals such as puppies, dogs, cats, rabbits, around larger dogs of various breeds and gender, under stressful situations, on natural and man-made obstacles. Our Foundation training also exposes our K9s to searching for a lost child, dynamic movement exercises, multiple surface work, and high-level character training.   At Fortress K9 there is zero tolerance for unwarranted aggression in our dogs. The Foundation of any Fortress K9 imprints a love for the Master, for the family and for the child. Yes, our dogs are taught that even children can and will handle them, should the need arise. The Lord has blessed us with a distinct ability to produce a safe and stable dog such as that which is hardly seen today. Our dogs have the mental fortitude, solid stability, and the unique character to quickly move to the their next level of training with a rock solid Foundation. Come experience the Fortress Difference.