Often referred to as a modern "Benaiah" (2 Samuel 23:20-23), Joel Ryals is a valiant man whose imbedded skills of strategic warfare places him among the Mighty Men of our day.

Major Joel Ryals is a veteran of the United States Army, serving over twelve years, on active duty, as a Military Police Operations & Training Officer. Ryals served as Commander of all US Army Alaska's Law Enforcement MP's. As the top performer in his peer group, Ryals was hand selected by the Brigade Commander as the Combat Trainer for the Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC), Alaska. Ryals deployed to Colombia in support of the Operational needs of the Embassy in Bogota. While in the country, Ryals' responsibilities included planning, coordinating, rehearsing, training and execution of all operations throughout Colombia. He also developed, planned, and executed Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) training for all pilots and remote personnel. Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom as the official Police Operations Advisor and Executive Officer, Ryals spent over 2000+ hours advising Iraqi Battalion Executive Officers and the Operations Officers on all aspects of combat and police operations and logistics. His team conducted over 240+ combat missions through the streets of Baghdad. Serving in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Ryals commanded troops in operating all entry control points to Bagram. Ryals conducted 200+ combat missions, patrolling and perimeter security, special Forces escorts, detainee Operations and Quick Reaction Force Commander. Ryals was privileged to be part of the forward company of MP's tasked with security operations and perimeter control of the Pentagon and Naval Annex shortly after 9/11. His military experience has given him years of expertise in leading and training men.

In addition to his time in the Army, Joel D. Ryals has 750+ hours of Law Enforcement coursework and over 425+ hours of Law Enforcement Module Training. During such time, Ryals has put more than 1000+ hours of firearms training under his belt. He served as a Law Enforcement deputy for 6 years. He continues to hold a deputization within Mississippi.

From Joel's passion for training, learning, protecting, and serving, he came in contact with the working service K-9 world. For 14+ years, he has trained under his mentor. A man who has trained some of the most elite military and law enforcement working dogs in the world for over 30 years. From a Christian and Creation perspective, Joel seeks to take dominion in a proper biblical fashion utilizing our K-9 companion to further the mission at hand.

Ultimately, Joel is a sinner that is only saved by the grace of our Lord above. He is the father of eight beautiful children who all enjoy engaging with the K9s.  You can meet them on the "Meet the Team" page and learn who some of their personal favorites.  Joel is fiercely dedicated to seeking God's will and methods for training and conduct. God has not left us without the written word to instruct his followers in how to continue instructing the next generation. Joel seeks to apply these principles to each individual situations.

Joel has been interview on Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko, written many articles for ITS Tactical, and was featured in a video production for Answers in Genesis, an online magazine.  Click here to learn more.