We are excited to see you found our team page! It is isn't often that the "behind-the-scenes" crew gets the spotlight. We are happy to share with you who makes our company great. Did you notice all the young faces on our team page? People often want to know what makes us different... what makes our dogs different. Well, we are about to share our secret with you. Shhhhh, it is pretty big, okay…..are you ready? Our secret is wrapped up in the joy of our young people! That is right! They add that extra special touch of love and of care to your K9. The kind that only happens between the simplicity of the child and the dog. Children are an integral part of our future, and a Fortress K9 learns the value of this critical truth. True soldiers fight what is ahead, for the love of what is behind them. Our Head Trainer is a true soldier, and so are our K9s. We invite you to learn a bit more about the team behind our one-of-a-kind dogs. Experiencing the Fortress difference starts right here…right now.


Chloe is the face and mastermind behind, Rowdy Ryals Ranch.  She first started that side of the business when she was 11 beginning with a lemonade stand.  That made enough funds to purchase her first beagle, and the rest, as they say...is history.  Make sure you check the "Ranch" link in the menu up top to see what is going on in her "Beagle and Bunny" world. Chloe is also the one who takes a bulk of the animal husbandry.  Our local vet spent some time showing her how to flush wounds, administer staples and remove them.  She's our go to gal for animal care.

Favorite K9 Breed: Tri-Color Beagle & Black Shepherds

Favorite K9 in Training: Chena & Elda

K9 Trained: Eowyn, Lucy, Arwen, Montly, Dasha


Meet Charity!  She is the very essence of hospitality.  We are blessed she is around to keep all our customers and guest not only happy, but knowing how very special they are to our family.  Charity has a love for the Rhodesians on ground and spends a good amount of time working and training them.  You will often see her working them around wheels...in the form of a bike ride!

Favorite K9 Breed: Rhodesian & Malinois 

Favorite K9 in Training: Scarlet 

Puppy Patrol


JD is the oldest of the twins.  JD enjoys being in the woods, laying tracks, and trying to see how many "good" SAR teams he can throw off with his twists and turns.  JD prefers to work the male dogs and since he has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to these things, he seems to bring those males right in line.  *And* they adore him!!!  There is just something about a boy and a dog that goes beyond explanation and we see JD bring that out in the young pups...his gifts are what make our male K9s unique and seemingly as tender as you please.  Just don't try to come between them and their boy....that will never do!  

Favorite K9 Breed: BIG Shepherds

Favorite K9 in Training: Memphis & Oreo, "The Combat Cookie" 

K9s Trained: Beorn, Vision, Hulk 



Typically, Jonathan has been our puppy guy.  He has the patience of Job with puppies and we have always stood in amazement at his ability to work them through any obstacle.  This year, the Lord saw fit in His good design to bring Jonathan back from death three times over.  We are blessed he is still here on this earth with our family.  Jonathan is now on his own journey...experiencing his own trials he must learn to be patient with.  We have witnessed first hand the healing abilities and service the K9s bring.  Even though he was personally requested by a client for the training of their K9, Jonathan must stand down from the front lines of training.  Instead, he works many of the dogs in and around the house.  He grows stronger each day, and it won't be long before he is back in the game enjoy what he loves to do...

Favorite K9 Breed: Sadle Shepherds & Huskies

Favorite K9 in Training: Black Widow & Aurora

K9s Trained: Denali, Susan, Bridget


Joshua David is our newest handler on ground.  He absolutely loves working the dogs along side his Daddy.  Joshua is a work horse and it is a rare occasion that anyone hears a word of complaint from our Joshua!  He is also the one quick to remind us to look the Lord when times get tough....and even when they don't, to still look to the Lord.  He seems to have a natural knack with the canine kind, so don't get too worried if he shows you up on the field.  

Favorite K9 Breed:  Malinois & Chihuahua

Favorite K9 in Training: Ratchet & Red, the Beagle

Puppy Patrol


Josiah is our full of life, big laughing, every energetic guy.  He keeps the dogs on their toes with lots of loving and lots of boy fun!  Josiah enjoys all things blue and orange, so often you find him with a blue lead selected for his equipment.  His favorite activity to do with the trusted K9 kind is to go tracking. While Josiah is the youngest brother of the crew, he will not be left behind.  He runs with best of 'em.  What a blessing his energy and enthusiasm brings to us all.


Favorite K9 Breed:  Rhodesian

Favorite K9 in Training:  Flash ("...because she is better at listening")


Jubilee keeps our world full of joy!  She also keeps the K9s full of joy...and love....and treats....and hugs....and, well, you get the picture!  Where would the dog be and oh what would they do without a Jubilee??  If you ever had a fear that the dogs might be in want of some good loving'.....just remember, Dunetos K9 has a Jubilee!!! Now, all your fears are relieved.

Favorite K9 Breed:  Is that even a question? Does it have paws?

Favorite K9 in Training:  Yeah, refer to the above answer.





Connie is beautiful and sweet and full of fun....and she is a firecracker!  Just because she is "the baby" does not mean she left in the dust.  Quite the opposite, my dear folks!  She keeps us all jumping around these part.  While she doesn't get in to the weeds of dog training, for obvious reasons (please see our disclaimer here), she very much enjoys all the wet noses and lovely fur to cuddle that our K9s are eager to share with her. What a treasure she is to us all.  
Favorite K9 Breed: All fuzzy dogs.

Favorite K9 in Training:  Who's in training?


While Joel has a page dedicated to information about him, after all, he is your head trainer.  It is a good for you to have a spot to learn a bit more in depth about the man spear-heading the training of your K9.  Still, I thought it would be fun to add a bit of information here about his as well.  Joel keeps us all in line, true to his military style of discipline and consistency.  He expects the best from each of his team, human and canine alike.  As is the nature of a true leader, he gives more than he receives, so he gives his best to us as well.  We are blessed to have him at the helm.  

Favorite K9 Breed: Malinois, Dutch, & German Shepherds

Favorite K9 in Training:  I don't think he is allow favorites.


Meet Mr. Mikael from Master's Mind Media!! He is our video and media relations guy!  We would be lost with out his expertise.  Mikael has filmed and edited all the lovely capabilities videos, demos, conference reels and many more you see right here on our website.  He has also provided great assistance in improving the presence of our YouTube Channel. If you are ever in need of a stellar video guy, we highly recommend him....just not when he is book for a trip to Kentucky for Dunetos K9, thanks!  

Favorite K9 Breed: Beagles & Malinois

Favorite K9 in Training: Eowyn & Ratchet