Adding a Protection dog to your life can be daunting and even confusing. I am sure you will have a lot of questions. So we have developed a simple method of getting our clients started and ensuring that you get the best dog for you and your family. 

  1. Contact us. Initiating contact is the first step. But I am very busy training the best dogs for our clients. So please contact me via email or text initially. This way, I can set up a time dedicated to you and determining how we can best serve you and your family.
  2. Phone consultation. This is nothing crazy, but I will spend 20-40 minutes with you discussing your expectations and what we offer as a company. We want happy clients, so we want you to know what we have to offer and we want to give you exactly what you need. This is also when we will talk about breed, gender, and time frames. This information will be used to ensure that our contract is complete and accurate.
  3. Select your new dog. If you decide that Fortress K9 has what you need, we will let you know what breeds and genders we have available to choose from. Once you have decided which dog you want, we will send you the contract.
  4. Review and sign the contract and make initial deposit. When you get the contract, please review it and make sure that all of your personal information is correct. Pay special attention to your contact information, since that is how we will reach out to you with our communication. If you have any questions about the contract, let me know and we can discuss your questions. Once you have signed your contract and sent your initial deposit, you have a reserved dog under contract.
  5. Once our clients have completed steps 1-4, you are then added to our private Facebook group, "The Den" @Fortress K9, where you have special access to photos and videos of our dogs in training. This is your best way to keep up with your dog, since we try to ensure that all the dogs get routine exposure on the Den. You will also have access to our members only portion of the website (coming summer 2017) where you can get online training for handling techniques, how to integrate your dog into your home, solutions to common problems with dogs, training advice and much more. Any canine classes run by our instructors are free and current clients receive a 10% discount on any classes run on the Fortress K9 training facility. Finally, contracted clients also get priority on all scheduling of private training or specialized classes.
  6. Once your contract is complete and your dog has finished their training (we strive to make these two things line up on the schedule, but occasionally dogs need a few additional months to complete their training), we will schedule your pick up or delivery options. All dogs come with a 3 day handler initiation at pick up if you choose that option. Additional training can be scheduled. Deliveries can be one or two weeks based on your needs and desires for training. Our deliveries are priced at a flat rate per week. Please contact me for more details on deliveries.

We strive to please each client and ensure that you have the very best protection dog for the value. We have a limited number of dogs available, but we will ensure that your dog is ready to enter your home with our stamp of approval in the most timely manner possible. However, we never sacrifice quality for rushing the dog or producing more dogs.

Fortress K-9 places the safety of you and your family at the very top of our priority list. Every Fortress K-9 dog has spent many hours being worked by and around children. Each dog undergoes extensive stability and socialization training around a family, other dogs, small and large, and even cats and other livestock. These dogs are some of the most stabile and capable dogs available anywhere. Dogs of this caliber are extremely rare, but it is a requirement to be a Fortress dog.

We are able to apply our training expertise and philosophy to any breed to dog with success. Our typical breeds are the German Shepherd's Dog, Dutch Shepherd's Dog, and Belgian Malinois. In our Academy, we work with many different breeds and welcome all K9s, big and small.  

We work with only the finest dogs available anywhere in the world. Our exclusive breeders have been training and breeding working service dogs for over 40 years and continue to develop blood lines that are over a century old. At Fortress K9 we breed our own lines that we know and trust.  It may sound crazy at first, but when you see the quality of these dogs, you will understand how rare and how exclusive they are. Once the perfect dog is on ground, we spend hundreds of hours training, much of which is physically dangerous work, to ensure that you have the absolutely best Protection Dog available anywhere. All of this energy, time and infrastructure requires money, but the results are priceless...

Each breed has a unique history behind it, but all of our lines are imported from very old european lines, maintained under strict standards for physical health, mental clarity, solid nerves, confidence, and stability under high stress. Our breeder is one of the longest running breeding programs in the world, and has always maintained consistent dogs of the highest caliber.

Working lines are bred from strictly working stock as a working canine for the purpose of conducting, up to, high-end law enforcement, personal protection and military applications. These dogs will be trained and tested to ensure that they maintain the high standards required by Fortress K-9. Both parents will have established their working capability. The breeder conducts working line dog breeding for the maximum working ability and health of the breeding line and not for a specific look, or other physical characteristic. Although general physical traits can be estimated, final outcomes of appearance may vary. This is perfectly normal in working lines. In addition, the coat texture, color and pattern will likely change throughout the life span of the dog.

The old working lines were strong and capable. You are hard pressed to find current examples of dogs that have a lengthy history in the AKC show lines that has any working ability left. In many ways, the German Shepherd breed is dead as a working breed. However, there are a few select breeders who still maintain strong working lines. For these and other reasons, Fortress K9 does not register our dogs with the AKC, UKC or any other kennels. It is our opinion that these registrations usually indicate that you will have genetic flaws in the dogs you are purchasing due to poor breeding practices required with these kennel clubs.

Yes, we have real world military, law enforcement and combat experience. When you are preparing your family and yourself to be safe and secure, you want to be trained by people who know how to think and act under intense pressure. We take our real world experience and apply it to what we love best, training your Personal Protection Dog to defend you and your family, no matter the odds, and keep you safe. This is what we do and what we have always done. If you are looking for peace of mind in your home, where it matters most, we can help.

While technology and dog training have come a long way, one has to ask themselves, "With all of the various techniques out there, why do people still struggle to train dogs to perform basic tasks?" I believe that while many are striving to keep up with technology, they lose sight of the fundamental philosophy that has been used for so long to create dogs of war. Our philosophy is rooted in the ancient Germanic tribes and the applications used during World War II to create some of the most highly trained Canine Soldiers the world has ever seen. These techniques are still being used to train the world's elite Special Operations Forces canines, and we bring that philosophy to bear when we train your Personal Protection Dog as well.  We encourage you to check out our philosophy page here.

Our experts at Fortress K9 can help you work through the pros and cons of the best breeds for protection dogs to ensure that you select the one that is right for you. We each have a preferred breed of dog that we are naturally drawn to. Whether you choose a German Shepherd's Dog, Dutch Shepherd's Dog, or Belgian Malinois,  we can assist in choosing a breed that will integrate into your lifestyle and preference.

There are many dog training companies out there and many are claiming to have the best dogs in the world. But just like you do not recruit for the Special Operations Forces from the National Football League, you don't choose a dog to engage in life saving work because they are from a sporting line. While the dogs may be able to do the work, it is critical to have a consistent result from the dogs to ensure performance under real world stress.

At Fortress K-9 we are not interested in titles or accolades, we are interested in the safety and security of you and your family. Working Service Dogs have proven their breeding and lineage in war time and peace. They have fought down range and laid with my children. Let Fortress K9 produce the same results for you.

When you invest in a dog from Fortress K9, you are purchasing a dog that has been integrated into our family. We have been blessed with eight wonderful children, and they all participate in one way or another with the training of our dogs. We invite you to Meet the Team.  From the time our dogs are 8 week old puppies, they are around and being handled by children. As they advance in their training, they remain close to the family and participate in our family life and go where we go. We do not have a huge facility with hundreds of dogs, we have a relatively small number of dogs that are highly trained.

Our dogs sit at our feet when we eat, they lay with our children when they sleep, they run and play in the yard with them, and they travel with us to the grocery store, coffee shop and travel with us in cars and on planes. Without this family and real world integration of your Protection Dog into our life, their training is not complete.

We are a family owned and operated business and our success is based on your success and ensuring that you are happy with your purchase long after the original sale is complete. We focus on quality above quantity which allows us to provide the absolute best trained dog for integration into your family. You are truly our first priority. If you have questions, we are a phone call away. If you have training needs, we will make sure you are taken care of. When you own a Fortress K9, you are truly part of the family.

While many facilities and training companies have dogs that "fail out" of their programs, our proven and long term breeding lines have produced consistent and top quality family protection dogs for generations. Our dogs consistently prove themselves in combat, on the streets with law enforcement, and most importantly, in the homes of each of our clients. All dogs, whether military, law enforcement, or family protection dog must be stabile, confident and fully under the control of its handlers at all times. Come see for yourself, Fortress K9 Personal Protection Dogs are second to none.